• 2-way monitors, ventilated box, rear bass reflex port.
• Innovative structure, created and designed by Lucxar, with a special and unique curvature that avoids parallel and stationary waves, facilitating the flow of these and contributing to increase structural rigidity.
• Piano black finish (possibility of other finishes). Highly resistant walls, 5 cm thick.
Decorative front in nickel glitter aluminum.
• Seas Drivers (Norwegians) and components of the high quality frequency filter (Jantzen and Mundorf).
Tweeter: 27 mm high-definition pre-coated fabric dome with a wide soft polymer edge. The dome and the wrapping materials provide high consistency and excellent stability against variations in air humidity. The voice coil is wound on an aluminum coil former with suitable ventilation holes to eliminate the noise from the internal air flow. The mobile coil is immersed in a low viscosity magnetic liquid, for a high power handling capacity and a simplified crossing design. A rigid and stable rear camera with optimal acoustic damping allows 27TDFC to be used with moderately low crossover frequencies. The chassis is precision molded from fiberglass-reinforced plastic, and its front design offers optimal radiation conditions.
Midwoofer: is an 18 cm long-range woofer with a coated paper cone. The classic coated paper cone provides an extended and smooth frequency response with controlled rolling. The large magnet system offers a good transient response, and the bulging back plate along with the copper-coated aluminum voice coil, very long and light, allows for an extreme excursion of the coil with low distortion.
• Specifications:
Nominal impedance: 8ohm
Sensitivity: 84db / 2,83W / 1m
Cross-over: 2200hz
• Suggested amplifier: from 10 to 150 watts RMS
• Possibility of a matching stand, with fixings to the monitor. Steel decoupling tips 6 cm high adjustable in height.
• Dimensions:
Height: 37cm, with stand 116cm.
Width: 33cm.
Depth: 36cm.
Weight approx: 36kg with stand.