• 3.5-way floor boxes, ventilated, front bass reflex port, for easy placement.
• Innovative structure, created and designed by Lucxar, with a special and unique curvature that avoids parallel and stationary waves, facilitating the flow of these and contributing to increase structural rigidity.
• Tweeter camera and independent media.
• Finished in piano black (possibility of other colors). Walls highly resistant, with thicknesses ranging from 5cm to 20cm.
Decorative elements in steel and aluminum nickel shine.
Frontal in chestnut wood of 4cm.
Side plates in Beech wood.
• Scan Speak drivers and high-quality frequency filter components (Jantzen and Mundorf).
• Specifications:
Nominal impedance: 4ohm
Sensitivity: 89db / 2.8W / 1m.
Cross-over: 900hz-3500hz.
• Steel decoupling tips 6 cm high adjustable in height.
• Dimensions:
Height: 125cm
Width: 35cm.
Depth: 60cm.
Weight approx: 90kg each column.