• 2-way monitors, ventilated box, front bass reflex port for easy placement of these.
• Innovative structure, created and designed by Lucxar, with a special and unique curvature that avoids parallel and stationary waves, facilitating the flow of these and contributing to increase structural rigidity.
• Piano black finish (possibility of other finishes). Highly resistant walls, with thicknesses ranging from 5cm to 12cm.
Decorative elements in steel and aluminum nickel shine.
Side plates in oak wood.
• Seas Drivers (Norwegians) and components of the high quality frequency filter (Jantzen and Mundorf).
High-definition metal dome tweeter with a wide and soft polymer and a rear camera. Aluminum / magnesium alloy diaphragm with pistonic behavior across the entire range of audible frequencies, resulting in good dispersion also above 10kHz.
Midwoofer: a 6.5 «high-fidelity woofer with an injection molded metal chassis, designed for bass reflex designs, the rigid and lightweight aluminum cone, and the low-loss rubber rim, show no sign of resonance or distortion at the edges of the cone.
• Specifications:
Nominal impedance: 8ohm
Sensitivity: 88db / 2,83W / 1m
Cross-over: 2000hz
• Suggested amplifier: from 10 to 150 watts RMS
• Possibility of a matching stand, with fixings to the monitor. Steel decoupling tips 6 cm high adjustable in height.
• Dimensions:
Height: 47cm, with stand 116cm.
Width: 24cm.
Depth: 38cm.
Weight approx: 35kg with stand.