• Built and conceived with the most modern design and production techniques. The parts are made by various robotic machining processes, but both the assembly and its final adjustment is carried out and supervised by expert hands.
• Structure in acrylic sandwich and solid aluminum 50mm thick.
• Margins of tolerance are minimal, giving the dishes an extraordinary efficiency.
• Different finishes such as nickel shine or gold.
• Massive 60mm thick aluminum platter.
• Magnetic levitation.
• Clamp with spirit level, cleaning arm and adjustable tips in height.
• Possibility of adapting different brands of arms and sizes.
• Brushless high-torque DC motor, 33 1 / 3rpm and 45rpm switchable, with intelligent speed tracking circuit.

Height: 23cm, width: 42cm, depth: 45cm.
Weight approx: 22kg.